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The Arts and Crafts style does not define a specific aesthetic, but embodies a set of principles and philosophical approach employed by the craftsman to produce simple and unadorned forms that preserve and emphasize natural qualities of the materials.  This is the inspiration for our heirloom boxes which feature the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood rather than the form.

The variety of color, texture, and figure of wood is a constant source of amazement.   Some of the most stunning and beautiful woods are
not suitable for furniture and cabinetry, yet they are truly nature’s art at its finest.  In 2007, we began making boxes simply to showcase the beauty and variety of wood from around the world.  The  boxes are the medium for the true art; the wood itself.  

Our boxes are simple in form so as not to detract from the material used for their construction.  We do not use stains or dyes and take great care to produce finishes which allow the character and the beauty of the wood become the focal point, no
t the box.  Each box is handcrafted, constructed and finished to withstand the test of time and use to become a treasured heirloom for generations.

Our boxes are constructed of exotic and rare woods from across the globe including Africa, the Amazon, Europe, as well as, North American domestic species.  Though our boxes are all of the same form, each one is unique.  Our boxes are constructed in two sizes, both of the same form.  The smaller boxes measure 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 3 inches tall.  The larger boxes are 9 inches wide, 7 inches deep, and 4 inches tall. 
The larger size may include locks and removable insert trays.

The finishes are all hand rubbed and range from a satin glow for more porous wood, to high gloss, mirror, finishes for less porous wood. 

An information sheet is included with each box that identities the wood it is constructed of, where the wood originated from, and interesting facts such as how the coloration occurs or how the figuring present in the wood formed.  We will often have very specific information such as the exact location where
the tree was harvested, the age of the tree or lumber (some is hundreds of years old), and in many cases, the rarity of the wood.   

We are constantly building boxes.  They sell so quickly that there is little time to offer them for sale on the website, though we do list a few in the Available Items area.  If you are interested in a truly unique heirloom box, email us and we will forward information regarding the current stock available for sale.

Please visit the Heirloom Box area of our Gallery to view a sample of the variety and uniqueness of Nature’s Art.  You will never look at a tree in the same way again.  Some of our finest boxes constructed of domestic wood
originated from trees that once stood in the front yards of homes or that were felled to make way for a construction project.  The wood used to construct the Walnut box appearing above was obtained from a stack of firewood.

Please email us at contact@vollmanwoodworking.com with questions regarding purchasing our handcrafted items or to obtain additional information.


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