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More Vintage Tool Favorites

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If you work with wood at any level, you know and appreciate the versatility of the hand-held router.  The photo is another hand-held router and you’ll note there is no power cord – it’s from the era when hand made really meant hand made. This a Stanley 71-1/2, Type 3, Router Plane manufactured between 1906 and 1910.  This vintage router plane… Read more »

That can’t be right, I measured twice …

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Many of our customers are are doing woodworking projects of their own ranging from beginner projects to very skilled projects. We get many email messages asking for advice, how to do something and so on. Last week I received one such email from a highly frustrated beginning woodworker regarding measurements. Pieces were too short by an eighth inch. He measured… Read more »

400 Years and beyond …

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We are milling more lumber for a box build from our stock of quarter sawn sycamore.  I always marvel at the figure of this lumber when we re-saw and open a board and reveal what has been  hidden. If you are not familiar with quarter sawn sycamore, the photos are of two boxes using the figured lumber. Amazing stuff.  But, the real amazing thing about our stock… Read more »

Vintage tools

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If you are familiar with our Arts and Crafts products, you have seen the 4-square and arch design used in virtually all of the products. The 4-square cut-out and arch are Trade Dress which identify and distinguish Vollman Woodworking Arts and Crafts products. There are a lot of ways to create a smooth, symmetrical, sweeping arc like those in our… Read more »